Friday, September 2, 2011

Margarita Perfecto

These are not for the faint of heart, it turns out
Margarita Mix is gross, and that's not how we do.


4 parts Awesomest Tequila you can get
4 parts Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice (from about 4 limes save the corpses)
4 parts Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (from 1 orange)
2 parts Cointreau
1 part Grand Marnier
ice cubes
kosher salt
Lime wedges to garnish

Squeeze/wipe lime corpse around glass rims and press into kosher salt. 
Fill salt rimmed glasses with ice.
Combine juices, Cointreau, and Tequila in a cocktail shaker and shake until the ice sounds different. 
Strain over ice into the salted glasses, float Grand Marnier, on the top, and garnish with a lime slice.

  • Buy bags of limes and store in the freezer. To defrost, zap for 30 seconds in the microwave (maybe twice). Beware, your limes will now be very juicy because the ice crystals ruptured all the membranes holding the juice. Awesome!
  • You’ll notice this recipe has very few actual ingredients, which means it’s REALLY important they’re all the best you can get. You’re saving a bundle drinking at home already, so buy yourself some nice tequila, k?
  • If you need to make a pitcher of these, look in the produce section for fresh squeezed orange juice (to spot the real deal, it will look separated, with water on top and pulp at the bottom probably) and consider using limeade if you can find it (less added sweetener, the better), don’t use those weird plastic limes though.

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