Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thoughts on Taco Assembly

Thanks to Jennifer Jean Lee for taking such great photos of my class!
Taco assembly is obviously not rocket science, but there are some things that will make the process go more smoothly. 
  • If you want hot tacos, don’t put them on cold plates. You can warm plates in a warm oven. 
  • Get all of your toppings, sauces, tortillas and sides ready, within easy reach, in order, room temp or hot as appropriate. Mise en Place! 
  • The order of operations should be: Tortilla, meat, sauce, veggies. Assemble them all the same, uniformity is more striking than each taco being a special snowflake. 
  • Don’t get cute and put lettuce, cheddar shreds, or sour cream on these- Tapatio/Cholula or Arbol salsa and a squeeze of fresh lime is all that authentic tacos need. 
  • If plating, you can prop two tortillas up “back to back” or wrap in non-absorbent paper. Alternatively, serve family style with tacos all in a line, using the tacos to hold each other up in taco formation. 
  • You are not 5 and your foods can touch each other, food looks stupid segregated on a plate.

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